India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF)


Stopping the cycle of poverty in Nepal and India by endowing ostracized people with services, infrastructure, and skills founded in ecological development.


We feel an unwavering change in disadvantaged areas can only occur when individuals get in front and

direct the change.  Our techniques give control and not a handout to the poor.

We create our programs to generate benefits for women and children who are important players in the struggle against poverty.  We energize ostracized individuals with live skills, self-governance, and educational abilities so they are prepared to make changes to their lives and the lives of their children.

We also feel every person has the right to live and grow with dignity.  We feel that everyone has the right to have the basics for their day-to-day living. Our programs serve the underprivileged without any regard to caste, creed, or religion.

In our battle against poverty, we realize the need to offer resources that can increase development. Though, a shortage of resources is not the only problem.

Poverty is inherent and goes further than material deficiency. After years of marginalization and social oppression, many poor Indians have given themselves to a destitute way of living. A crucial part of the solution rests in aiding them to see their power to improve their lives and change. We feel that local groups are equipped best to realistically tackle this need.

Therefore, IDRF joins forces with local non-governmental groups to give power, confidence, and resources to needy individuals. We have fundraisers to offer grants to certain grassroots groups which work to empower women, enhance education, increase green development, and health care.

Moreover, IDRF distributes funds to these groups based on the project, using the money raised in the most meaningful way. Almost each project is co-financed by a local NGO. The objective is to make these individuals completely self-supporting.