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I am a Red Cross blood donor and I won’t be tired to donate blood. I started donating blood when I was nineteen years old while in high school. When I was pursuing my college education I again donated blood.

Since that time, I continue to donate blood two to three times per year. Because of my blood type, I usually do a double donation.

I feel good when donating blood since I am able to save people’s lives every day and I feel like a great person.

Benefits of donating blood are:

  1. One feels great to donate
  2. One gets free juice and goodies
  3. One becomes a hero by saving one’s life with just a donation

To save more lives the American Red Cross also known as the American National Red Cross, which is a humanitarian organization has provided a lot of assistance, relieved many disasters and provided education in United States.

Besides all these, the American Red Cross has provides other services in many areas e.g. establishing community services to help the needy, improving communication services and establishing educational programs to educate people about their healthy and safety.

American Red Cross has its headquarters in Washington D.C. Bonnie McElveen Hunter being the chairman of the board of governors is now serving her second three-year term. Gail J. McGovern is the current chief executive and still the president. Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross on May 21, 1881 and he was the first president of the organization. During major disasters Clara Barton did many personal changes though she was unable to succeed. In 1904, she was replaced by Mabel Thorp Boardman who was a male professional social work expert. He made many successful reforms. He also consulted widely which made his work more successful.

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The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization which works worldwide. It has saved many lives and also prepared people to respond to medical emergencies. Many Red Cross volunteers and employees are doing their best to train people on how to acquire the needed medical skills. The Red Cross being the largest supplier of blood and blood products to many hospitals in the world, it has helped save many lives. They are also helping victims of international conflicts and disasters.

Blood services

  1. Blood donation

A large percentage of donated blood is supplied by the American Red Cross in United States which is then sold directly to different hospitals and other regional suppliers. Many hospitals are also supplied with a lot of blood from the community based blood centers. The American Red Cross finished their largest blood facility in U.S in Dec 2004.

  1. Tissue services

For many years, allograft tissue for transplant has been provided by the American Red Cross through sales in different tissue programs. Many donor families who gave the gifts of tissue donation were highly catered for. They donated tissues to many recipients in need of life saving. This tissue service program can to an end in January 2005. It was ended by American Red Cross with an intention of focusing on blood services and disaster relief.

  1. Plasma services

The American Red Cross provides most of the nation’s plasma products. These plasma products are provided at effective costs. These plasma products are also safe and reliable. In 1999, the Red Cross established a new management structure i.e. Baxter Biosciences instead of plasma services industry. These Baxter Biosciences usually contain plasma for the manufacturing of plasma projects.

Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT)

The American Red Cross was the first charity organization to implement Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) study. This testing is very unique for it checks for the greatest material HIV and hepatitis C (HCV). HIV and HCV test detects the generic material of transfusion-transmitted virus e.g. HIV without waiting for the body to form its antibodies which is a very great advantage.


People’s white blood cells are able to fight viruses, bacteria and abnormal cells to prevent diseases. When leukocytes are transfused to another person they do not work, instead complications occur and the blood dies out. To improve patient care, the Red Cross is moving towards system-wide universal pre-storage leukocyte reduction. The America Red Cross uses millions of money in laboratory research.

Healthy and safety services

The American Red Cross offers first aid, water safety, life guarding and disaster preparedness services. These training programs are aimed at work persons, aquatic facilities and lady persons.

Disaster services

The American Red Cross responds to many disasters each year e.g. earthquakes, house fires, explosions and accidents. The charity aims at meeting people’s immediate emergency disasters caused needs. Once a disaster strikes, they provide victims with food, healthy services and shelter. They also help people to go back to their daily activities.

Disaster services workforceRed cross international dove

The disaster service workforce enrolls volunteers according to their abilities to serve in the American Red Cross.

This is a very rewarding part of serving with the Red Cross. It is a heart warming thing to be able to touch the lives of those in need!

National Response Framework

The American Red Cross provides food to the victims of disasters, gives them houses to live in and also provides them with other types of emergency relief to disasters.

International services

The American Red Cross mobilizes and educates communities to overcome life threatening vulnerabilities. It is involved with many international projects e.g. malaria and measles programs. The American Red Cross provides many other services e.g. proper sanitation, disaster preparedness, health services and livelihood developments.

Services offered to the armed forces

The united military states are provided with emergency and non-emergency services by the American Red Cross. Families can contact the American Red Cross and be provided with family messages e.g. new birth or death in the family. Prisoners of war are not helped by the American Red Cross.

International tracing requests

The international tracing requests are handled by the American Red Cross. They mainly bring together families separated by wars and disasters by locating their relatives world wide. The American Red Cross does this by exchanging hand written messages between individuals and their relatives who might have been prisoner of war or refugees.

As a member of any society, are you willing to donate blood to the American Red Cross and become a hero by just donating blood?

You can contact the American Red Cross here to join in the movement and donate blood today!