Better Basics

Better Basics has the goal to improve the lives of children by encouraging literacy via enrichment programs. Over 1, 200 volunteers help more than 22, 000 children each year. Last year alone, Better Basics gave away over 70,000 books.

Better Basics offers enrichment programs, educational opportunities, and literacy intervention for elementary- and middle-school students all through the state of Alabama. Through active partnerships with the various communities and schools, they bring a sense of confidence by nurturing an interest in learning and improving every child’s ability to read and be successful in life.

Our programs encourage kids as they proceed along the learning range, from reading to retention, while instilling literature into their homes and revealing to them enrichment programs and multi-cultural arts.

As they boost childhood literacy rates, they lessen future adult illiteracy issues and their many side effects, forming countless benefits for our society as a whole. Better Basics is a non-profit organization and well-known authority on childhood literacy in Birmingham, Alabama.

Empowering Children: They empower children by promoting an interest in learning, building confidence, and giving kids the tools to be a successful student.

Enriching the Community: Their programs absolutely impact AL students and their communities by raising literacy rates, increasing educational achievements, and boosting productivity levels.

Reducing Illiteracy: By improving childhood literacy rates, they decrease adult illiteracy issues and enhance quality of life.

In 1993, John Glasser established Better Basics on the principle that illiteracy and poverty are so closely connected they are literally one and the same. Mr. Glasser also realized that because reading skills are the basis of learning, children who lack these crucial skills had little hope of being successful in school or life. What started as an agency with two devoted employees providing tutoring in one Birmingham public school has developed into a full-fledged organization.