Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Tobacco usage is the chief preventable cause of death in the US. Almost 20% of high school students smoke and over 1,500 more students are becoming daily smokers. The mission of Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is to stop kids from smoking, assist smokers in quitting, and safeguard folks from inhaling secondhand smoke. Some precise initiatives they are working toward are lobbying for higher cigarette taxes and legislation to give the FDA authority over tobacco marketing and products.

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is a principal force in the war to decrease tobacco use and its deadly toll in the US and around the world. Their vision is a future free of the disease and death brought on by tobacco.

They work to save lives by supporting public policies that stop kids from smoking, help smokers quit and protect everyone from secondhand smoke.

In the US, they promote at the local, state, and national levels for the verified policies that diminishes tobacco use and save lives.

Internationally, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids helps governments and non-governmental groups in promoting and fulfilling these policies. They are an affiliate with the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use, which centers on low-income and middle-income nations in which over 75% of tobacco-related deaths will happen in the near future.

While we have made real progress in America, tobacco still kills over 475,000 citizens each year. The worldwide death toll is over 5 million a year and steady rising. With everyone’s support, they can win the war against the world’s top cause of preventable death and reduces the number of lung cancer diagnoses.

Founded in 1996, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has no tobacco industry or government funding. They depend on contributions from philanthropic foundations, businesses, other non-profit organizations, and people like you.