Car Donation Charities (Part I)

If you don’t have a need for your car anymore, considering donating it to a charity.

With numerous charities accepting car donations, it can be overpowering to choose the right one to whom you want to give your car. If you are ready to donate your vehicle, follow these suggestions for using an acceptable charity. 

Selecting a Charity for Donated Cars

Selecting a charity for car donation can be difficult to do. There are a few ways you can break up the process to make it a little simpler to achieve. 

First, think of what causes you to support donating a car. Once you understand that, you can then search for non-profits working in that field that take vehicles as a form of donation. 

Next, take the list of non-profits you have and research them on a review website, like Charity Navigator, to find out more about how well the non-profit operates. The hardest part can be narrowing down your selections from many runners-up to the final winner.

Non-Profits That Accept Car Donations 

Several charities advertise on radio and television that they take car donations. But these aren’t the only charities to take donations of used cars. A vast range of charities will take car donations. Keeping that in mind, a great start might be to look for charities whose causes you find honorable and go to their websites to see if they take car donations. It might be the case that organizations you’re already supporting with more traditional donations also take vehicles.

Some will make direct use of your vehicle, like a charity that takes meals to the needy or homeless. Understand, though, that many charities will not use your car. Instead, they’ll sell it and use the money to fund their programs.

While there are a few charities that work as a third party for other non-profits, it’s best to sidestep these groups. When you donate directly, you can find out precisely how and when the charity will use the donated vehicle.