Charities that Help Immigrants and Refugees (Part I)

These are some organizations that can provide resources to help immigrants and refugees. 

With the prospect of a wall being constructed on our Mexican border, and the Trump Administration enforcing new immigration restrictions, access to immigration-related legal information can be vital right now.

The following are some independent, non-profit organizations that can provide resources, support, and/or legal guidance, as well as volunteering opportunities for those wanting to get involved. Note that this is only a small list. There are numerous other organizations that can aid with immigration questions and issues, including a huge number of city and town-specific groups. State government websites are usually a great place to start.

International Rescue Committee – With locations all over the globe, including in 29 U.S. cities, the IRC’s goal is to help folks whose lives and livelihoods are destroyed by conflict and disaster to survive, recover, and gain control of their lives. In response to President Trump’s executive order, they are presently working to bridge likely federal funding gaps in health care, housing, and other immigration services.

Vida Americana – A Spanish-language site providing everything from basic immigration info to detailed, up-to-date guidance on green cards, work visas, green cards, amnesty, and immigrant visas.

United We Dream – Large youth-led organization with over 120,000 immigrant youths and allies and 55 affiliate organizations in more than 26 states. The site has broad information and opportunities for advocacy and tactical information on safeguarding yourself in the event of an ICE raid.

Families for Freedom – This site has deportation defense resources that are created to aid noncitizens and their families who are in immediate danger, with a hotline telephone number and concrete, excellent tactics.

Welcoming America – Taking a hyper-local approach, Welcoming America has a big (150+) network of communities to aid residents to prosper by completely participating in social, economic, and civic opportunities while diminishing barriers to participation for refugees and immigrants.