Charities That Support Women Around the Globe

Organizations supporting women and encouraging equality and fairness in wages, in behavior, and with opportunities have spent years putting women’s rights at the forefront of their missions. In honor of International Women’s Day, held annually on March 8, we’ve made a list of organizations that are fueling this worldly change for the better. Take a look at these groups that are helping fight for what’s fair, regardless where women are in the world.


Since 2007, this group has been inspiring under-privileged women in Uganda by providing business training and access to microloans to help enable their professional independence. The group’s contributions have encouraged Ugandans, with five women affiliated with WGEF’s programs running for and winning political office in 2016.


The professional and personal consequences of reporting sexual harassment in the workplace have frequently made it hard for women to speak out. Fearing they’ll be ostracized, they stay quiet. On top of that, legal action can be pricey. Backed by the National Women’s Law Center, the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund seeks to offer legal assistance for women wanting to battle harassment in court. Just two months into their existence, organizers have fielded over 1600 requests from all across the globe, including the Kenya and Kuwait.


Model Christy Turlington Burns started this activist group that seeks to enhance medical care for mothers around the globe by training professionals, progressing transportation to care facilities, and giving critical supplies to clinics. The organization has coordinated grants that have enhanced mother mortality rates in Tanzania, India, and Haiti.


Persistent cultural traditions approve the practice of female genital cutting (FGC), which involves the removal of external female genitalia. Unnecessary, invasive, and risky, the tradition is being opposed by Orchid Project, which aims to stop the practice by passing out educational information in areas like Ethiopia.