Charities to Donate Hair (Part II)

Donating healthy hair means that you help make a child smile.

This is why donating those long locks is so critical. The healthier the hair that is donated, the more children and women can get back the confidence as they fight their battles.

Though, part of the hair donation procedure is understanding precisely which charity will take your hair, and how they will use it.

Best Organizations for Hair Donation 

Locks of Love is one charity synonymous with hair donation. But it is not the only one you can pick to support. In reality, you might find that a Locks of Love is not an accurate fit for your hair, so it is crucial to do your research.

The top six hair donation organizations, as far as impact and popularity are:

  • Locks of Love
  • Pantene Beautiful Lengths
  • Wigs for Kids
  • Child Leukemia Foundation
  • Hair We Share
  • Children With Hair Loss

These are not the only choices for hair donations, but they are national donor groups, meaning you can donate from anywhere. If you want to make a local impact, you can look for local hair donation drives or groups, or ask your local cancer chapter the best way to donate.

Locks of Love 

Locks of Love is by far the most well-known hair donation organization. Since 1997, Locks of Love has made thousands of wigs or “prostheses” as they call them, every year. This group creates wigs from real hair, particularly for children to address problems with “traditional” wigs that are too rough, too big, and not available in children’s styles.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths 

Founded in 2006, Pantene has collected more than 750,000 locks of hair used to make wigs for women fighting cancer. Pantene has given more than 45, 000 wigs to the American Cancer Society Wig Bank, making it simpler for women in need of free wigs to get them.