Charities to Donate Hair (Part IV)


The Do’s and Do

Make sure to trim your dead ends before you donate your hair .

Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Donation 

Many charities have very strict rules when it comes to donating hair.

You want your donation to make a difference, so it is crucial to follow the rules.

Hundreds of Locks of Love donations are thrown away every year because they do not satisfy the correct criteria.

To make sure your donation arrives securely and is accepted, understand the right way to donate to the charity of your choice.

The most critical items to remember are:

  • DO trim your ends before beginning to cut your hair for donations. Most groups require at least eight inches of healthy hair to use for wigs. This doesn’t include inches of split or dead ends. So, be sure you have a clean, nice cut before you begin shopping.
  • DO clean and dry your hair completely. Avoid styling products and be sure the hair is not even a tiny bit wet before it is shipped because it will mold.
  • DO follow the shipping directions precisely. Some organizations might require a zipper bag, two ties or other shipping requirements, so pay attention.
  • DO go to a donation salon if you can find one. Just look up “hair donation salon near me” to see what comes up. They will know exactly how to part, tie off, and cut your hair to match their organization’s requirements.
  • DON’T assume organizations will take dyed hair. Some will accept dyed hair, but not highlighted hair, while some will just take hair that hasn’t been changed in any way.
  • DON’T send gray hair ponytails unless the organization wants them. 
  • DON’T mix ponytails from numerous people. It makes it simpler for charities to sort donated hair if it is all in separate envelopes. Fill out forms for every person who donates, even if they are in the same residence and ships them one by one.