Donating Your Cellphone to Charity (Part II)

Second Wave Recycling accepts tablets and other electronics and recycles them to fund a charity. 

Support a Worthy Cause

Second Wave Recycling is an organization that take older iPods, phones, MP3 players, tablets and e-readers, handheld gaming devices, smartwatches and even charging cables. Newer and functional devices are refurbished and then sold for money. Older devices are recycled. The money from those processes is used to fund a specific charity. 

As of 2019, Second Wave was enthusiastically funding the Wounded Warrior Project, which provides support services for military personnel who’ve been hurt while serving the U.S. Though, the charity has supported other causes, too like groups that help domestic abuse survivors, animals rescues, and several others.

Help Keep Your Community Safer

Did you know that all cell phones offered in the U.S., regardless of their carrier, have to be able to dial 911 in case of an emergency? So that half-decade-old phone put away in storage will still call for the police or an ambulance if the battery is chargeable. Secure a Call is a group that takes used cell phones and then reuses them as emergency-only devices in order to dial 911.

The organization checks every donated phone to ensure the battery still works, put them with a charging cable, and then give them to needy members of the community who also are at a high risk for needing help from first responders like medical professionals and the police. These individuals are usually seniors and domestic abuse survivors.

Improve Health Care Around the Globe

Why put your old cell in a shoebox in the attic when it can be used to save lives? Medic Mobile refurbishes and recycles old cells and tablets and uses the money to purchase mobile devices that medical workers use on the job in over 25 countries, mainly in Asia, Latin America, or Africa. These devices track disease outbreaks, register pregnancies, and communicate about medical emergencies.