Excellent Bicycle Charities You Probably Don’t Know

Those old bikes of yours can be recycled.

Want to donate to a bicycle-related charity?

There are lots of them out there. Take the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) and International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) and for instance.

But there are other great charities out there sharing the good news of cycling and assisting those in need around the world. Here are some lesser-known charities that still have good missions:


Re-Cycle is altering lives by sending bicycles to Africa, where numerous folks don’t have access to transport of any type. Having a bicycle reduces transportation times significantly, helping families collect water or get to school. Re-Cycle has sent over 30,000 bikes so far and plans to send hundreds more with your help.


Pedals for Progress

Pedals for Progress is putting used bikes to good use. Instead of allowing them to pile up in landfills, they are getting the used bicycles and donating them to their partner charities in over 30 countries.


Can’d Aid

The Treads + Trails program from Can’d Aid is all about getting children outdoors. If a trail requires maintenance, low-income children want a new bike, or there’s a program to get more folks off the couch and ready to explore the outdoors, CAN’d Aid is prepared to make it real.


Trips for Kids

Trips for Kids has mountain bike outings and environmental education for children who would not otherwise participate in such activities. Mountain biking is such a blast, who would want to miss out on it?


The Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust

The Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust is devoted to saving young people’s lives by encouraging safe cycling, concentrating on the use of bicycle helmets. By promoting cycle training, the use of helmets, cycle lights and reflective clothing, the charity wants to ensure young cyclists are well equipped to be a part of this healthy and eco-friendly form of transport.