Hearing Loss Charities that Make an Impact (Part II)


Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss

Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss works at the intersection of education and hearing advocacy. While hearing-impaired children in the U.S. might have access to technology and programs to get an education like other children, worldwide, just 10% of children with hearing loss have equal access to education.

Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss works to rectify this situation through therapist, teacher, medical professional training, research and the distribution of hearing devices to children in developing countries. 

Presently, the group is working with the Deaf Education Program. Since 2010, the group has trained over 230 teachers, 130 medical professionals, and 280 families, and it has fit thousands of kids with hearing aids. The program directly benefits over 1,000 Vietnamese children with hearing loss. 

You can support Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss with an online donation, vehicle donation and for those with a degree in hearing and speech sciences or deaf education, donating knowledge and time.

HHF has contributed billions of dollars towards research that has funded cochlear implants. 

Hearing Health Foundation (HHF)

The biggest funder of hearing loss and tinnitus research, HHF has an impressive vision: a world where anyone gets the chance to enjoy life without hearing loss or tinnitus. Since 1958, they’ve contributed billions of dollars to important research, as well as that which has led to cochlear implant technology. They actively fund research today on cures for tinnitus, hearing loss prevention, and the restoration of hearing ability.

You can donate to this admirable cause online with a tribute gift, one-time gift, or monthly pledge in memory of a loved one. You might also visit the organization’s online “wish list” to make an impact in a particular way. Items on the wish list go from molecular biology kits and the use of electron microscope and computers for a couple of hundred dollars to a $25,000 sponsorship of the organization’s yearly meeting of the Hearing Restoration Project.