How to Donate Winter Coats (Part I)

The winter can be harsh to those that don’t have winter jackets. 

Though it got off to a sluggish start, the chill of winter has arrived. While lots of us look at a coat as a thing that is meant to keep us cozy, warm, and stylish, there are lots of less fortunate folks who don’t even have that essential need. Do you know where to give a winter coat to someone in need? If you really want to know, it is quite easy to give your brand new or gently used coat to someone who could really use it.

Donating a winter coat is practically a no-effort way to perform a charitable and good deed for someone else. Just be sure that it’s in wearable, good condition and that you have taken everything out the pockets. You can even dry clean it before giving the coat on to its new owner, though many places won’t force it.

If you don’t know about whether or not to donate, first take a look in your closet. If you have any coats you haven’t worn for years that are just using extra space, it’s most likely time to pass it on. Then, ask yourself: “Could I still wear this coat if I wasn’t going to donate it?” If the response is “yes,” then it is in good condition and you should definitely give it away to someone who will get better use out of it.

Once you have your coats ready to donate, take a look at these places that will gladly take them off your hands.

The Salvation Army

Salvation Army has its yearly Coats for Kids drive. You can put in your zip code to find a local coat drive. If there are none close by, you can donate a new or gently used coat to any Salvation Army Family Stores.