International Fund for Animal Welfare


International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

IFAW’s mission is to rescue and also secure animals worldwide.
We save people, guard populaces, and also maintain environment.
Established in 1969, the IFAW conserves individual pets, animal populations as well as habitats throughout the globe. With tasks in greater than 40 nations, IFAW supplies hands-on help to animals in requirement, whether it’s dogs as well as felines, wild animals and also animals, or rescuing pets following catastrophes. We likewise promote saving populations from cruelty as well as deficiency, such as our campaign to end industrial whaling and also seal pursues.

Our vision is a world where animals are appreciated and also safeguarded. s We promise advocates as well as policy manufacturers effective pet security remedies provided with knowledge, empathy and stability. IFAW believes in the inherent value of pets which we have a responsibility to secure them from suffering and unneeded exploitation in their nations.

We save and take care of individual pets and also deliver efficient options for the long-lasting protection of pet populations and also environments. We advertise resolving animal welfare concerns in plan, regulation as well as society.

Our group consists of rescue employees, vets, plan specialists, advocates, researchers, instructors and the best quality assistance staff all driven by a determination to help pets in demand. We are worldwide, with local experience and management in all of our area workplaces. Through solid global synchronization, we take advantage of regional projects as well as projects to accomplish worldwide impact and impact.

Our job connects animal welfare and also preservation, showing that healthy and balanced populations, naturally sustaining habitats and the well-being of individual pets are intertwined. We use our hands-on tasks on the ground to inform and also affect plan. We are delicate to the needs of areas and help remedies that benefit both pets as well as people.