Meals on Wheels

Folks do care and do care about helping others. Regrettably, with the economy going downhill, most people are typically more concerned about where they will be living, and if they can purchase food for themselves before considering buying food for others.   Today’s economy has increased the number of poor folks across the nation.

Food is our most crucial need for survival. If you have an old, outdated car sitting in your driveway or garage, why not donate it? A lot of folks can profit from your donated vehicle? Moreover, you never know…one day, it might be you in the line for free food.

In reality, it hinges on the individual who donates where her/his contribution goes. There are hundreds of charities out there. If you go on the internet and put “car donation” in Google, you’ll be bombarded with numerous charities. A lot of them will tell you that donating a car is simple. But, pump the brakes. Before you give your car away, you must be sure to get all the facts about donating a car.

Your vehicle will be put to use in a meals program only if the charity you donate it to has this type of agenda. Don’t hesitate to ask what are the organization’s objectives. If you and your selected charity can’t agree on a certain set of goals, then keep it moving and look for another charity. The inner workings of a charity aren’t that difficult. A donated car can be driven by an individual who is carrying out the meal-on-wheels program or it can be auctioned off to raise money for the donated food.

The bottom line is one day, if you live long enough, you might see your old vehicle parked at the curb, and a charity worker ringing your bell with free meals in hand.