My Stuff Bags Foundation

Over 250,000 neglected, abandoned, and abused children across America are taken out of dangerous home environments every year. They usually come to foster homes or crisis centers with not many personal items.

The My Stuff Bags Foundation gives children hope and comfort by offering them a My Stuff Bag full of things they require to aid them in settling into their new environment, like toys, clothes, security blankets, toiletries, and stuffed animals. My Stuff Bags has given bags to over 300,000 children in over 45 states since it was established in 1998. Their objective is to have a bag for any child taken out of her or his home.

Since the beginning, the My Stuff Bags Foundation has been concentrating on the needs of a typically forgotten group of American children which are those who must leave everything behind when they are saved from neglect or abuse and put into foster care. Or, those who must escape with their mothers to the security of a battered women’s shelter. Sadly, these children arrive at shelters with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and no hope for their future. Agencies that protect these scared children often lack the resources to offer anything outside of safe shelter and food. Also, the little belongings these children might collect along the way are usually carried around in trash bags, encouraging others to refer to them as “trash-bag kids.”

My Stuff Bags are cheerful blue duffels packed with new books, toys, school supplies, clothing, toiletries, and “security” blanket. Everything is theirs to keep.

Packed with items they greatly need as they adjust to their new surroundings, My Stuff Bags offers things to do and to hold on to during this difficult time. Moreover, since most things in the bags are given by thoughtful folks from across the US, and the bags are put together by faithful volunteers, they realize that lots of people do care about them.