National Pediatric Cancer Foundation

A nonprofit organization, the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation is devoted to supporting research to wipe out childhood cancer. Their goal is to fund research to develop less toxic, more targeted treatments by working with leading medical facilities around the nation.

A great part of cancer research centers on adult treatments and is performed within the walls of specific institutions. They fund clinical trials and work together with a group of cutting-edge hospitals around the nation to come up with targeted, toxic-free treatments. The aim is to improve the survival rate of children with cancer.

For over 26 years, they have become the one bright light for children who are battling cancer. They have given millions of dollars to research and their clinical trials are producing incredible discoveries that are saving a lot of children’s lives.

In the beginning, the Pediatric Cancer Foundation funded seed grants at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa, the University of Florida in Gainesville, the University of Miami School of Medicine, All Children’s Research Institute in St. Petersburg, and the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa.

In 2005, the Pediatric Cancer Foundation established the Sunshine Project, a pioneering collaboration with one mission which is to bring together top researchers and physicians to develop new treatments and improve the survival rate for children battling cancer. With the founding of the Sunshine Project, the Pediatric Cancer Foundation has created a business model that maximize the potencies of researchers from various fields of science and simplifies the procedure to quicken the development of new treatments.

The best part is that the Pediatric Cancer Foundation has shown that this model works. Since 2005, they have funded four clinical trials (phase one). New treatments have been, and continue to be, tested. These trials and treatments bring great promise for children who have not had good results under the normal treatment protocol. In 2016, the Pediatric Cancer Foundation re-branded and changed its name to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.