Non-Profits That Are Always in Need of Volunteers (Part II)

Local Libraries
When I was a kid, I volunteered at my local library for a couple of hours a week for a school project. I enjoyed it so much that I ended up volunteering each week and developed a lifetime love of books, as well as an admiration for reading and learning. Libraries usually need help assisting patrons and organizing shelves. You may also help setting up and operating public events, like book fairs and author signings. Ask your local library if you can help create flyers or copy edit ads and put that on your resume.

Art Museums
If you’re artistic, working in a museum can be a valuable experience. You can surround yourself with eternal works of art, soaking up knowledge, and acquiring administrative skills all at the same time. Get involved in the community by volunteering for children’s activities and family programs at your local museum. Once you build up your knowledge base, you may be an event planner or tour guide.

Political Campaigns
If you’re passionate about politics, contemplate lending your support to a local candidate you feel right about. No politician gets into office without volunteers manning the phones, passing out fliers, doing fundraising, and answering emails. This kind of work can give you valuable experience on several levels and can be applied to a host of various industries. It can also help you get a network of contacts you can have if you are interested in a political career.

Retirement Homes
Retirees love an exhilarating new lecture to attend or a class to teach them something interesting and fun. So, be creative and get a program that shows off your skills. Ask to recite some famous historical speeches or to moderate a poetry and short story reading. If you’re good with computers, offer your services and teach senior citizens how to do basic or intermediate computer tasks. They probably want to learn, but no one has ever taken the time to offer them the right instruction.