PAWS Chicago

Every year, PAWS Chicago saves more than 4,500 homeless dogs and cats. After the rescue, the 1st stop is at PAWS Chicago’s Medical Center, the place where all animals get personalized medical care, vaccinations, and spray/neuter from qualified veterinarians. While numerous are in good health and all set for adoption, most of them, approximately roughly 2,500 animals yearly, need more medical treatment.

PAWS Chicago is typically the last hope for these cats and dogs, in particular those bearing injuries and illnesses that other rescues aren’t able to treat.

PAWS Chicago is the only shelter that has the medical resources and medical crew to offer extensive, and usually crucial, medical care for injured, sick animals. There are plans to develop the present medical center so that they can increase the number of dogs and cats being treated at PAWS.

The expansion of the medical center will renovate a little over 15,000 square feet of current uncompleted and undefined space into an innovative medical facility. This new medical center will enable PAWS Chicago to take in and treat more animals. The extension will also double their:

  • Surgery room capacity
  • Isolation space
  • Suite space for homeless dogs and cats
  • Quarantine area
  • Volunteer center
  • Play area
  • Foster care program

Paula and Alexis Fasseas (PAWS founders) “a-ha” moment came when the couple saved a stray dog in 1996 in Crete. The dog was killed once tourist season was over. The couple was appalled Greece treats its homeless dogs with so inhumane. They were driven to help homeless animals back home.

In 1998, PAWS Chicago began with an adoption affair, Angels with Tails. The message that homeless animals necessitated to be saved was taken to the public. The affair was held on the streets and in the store in the high-end North Michigan Avenue area. Local businesses passionately agreed to display the dogs and cats in their storefront windows.