Top Clean Water Organizations You Should Know About (Part I)

Many places around the globe don’t have clean drinking water.

Clean water as a right, not a privilege.

Clean water has turned into one of our most valued resources in the 21st century. In reality, one in nine individuals lives without access to drinkable and clean water.

In an effort to alter that statistic, below is a list of organizations, from nonprofits to good doing companies, who are on a quest to make sure that every human has drinkable water. Feel free to research other clean water organizations who are making sure that clean water isn’t a privilege, but a right.


WHAT: Nonprofit that brings safe and clean drinking water to people in developing countries.
HOW: All the nonprofit’s public donations go right to clean water technologies that go from water filtration to wells. Answering this key human need, charity: water gives plenty of opportunities to get involved, from fundraising to volunteering. One creative way to raise money is to pledge your birthday, a campaign in which people decide that instead of receiving gifts, friends and family are urged to donate to charity: water.
WHERE: 20 developing countries in Asia, Africa, America, and the Caribbean.


WHAT: Good doing company that offers comprehensive urban water efficiency solutions.
HOW: Miya concentrates on reducing Non-Revenue Water (NRW), freshwater that is gone from the distribution system before it gets to consumers. Many municipal water infrastructures are old and not well preserved, resulting in the daily loss of gallons of clean water. Miya’s approach takes into consideration the budget, needs, and goals of a specific city to design the right NRW reduction strategy, as well as providing community awareness programs about water preservation. NRW greatly saves energy, delivers more clean water, and lowers costs. A complete win-win situation.
WHERE: Brazil, Philippines, Canada, South Africa, and the Bahamas