Top Clean Water Organizations You Should Know About (Part II)

These charities help get water to places around the world that struggle with clean drinking water.


WHAT: Nonprofit co-founded by Gary White and Matt Damon that offers access to safe water and sanitation in developing areas.

HOW: aligns with local partner organizations to construct wells and have intensive training seminars on the significance of good hygiene practices and its link to better health. The nonprofit also founded WaterCredit, an initiative that unites microfinance institutions to communities and individuals in developing countries who use their small loans to construct for themselves clean water mechanisms, from toilets to wells.
WHERE: Asia, Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean


WHAT: A part of the Earth Institute, Columbia Water Center designs and researches sustainable models of water management.
HOW: The Columbia Water Center researchers and scientists work in the fields of engineering, hydrology, public policy, agriculture and finance to tackle sustainable water use and allocation, crafting their resolutions to satisfy the needs of every region. 

WHERE: South America and Africa



WHAT: A social enterprise that creates money for clean water in Africa via the sale of coffee.
HOW: Three Avocados give all of their profits to crafting water projects in Uganda. They source the coffee from Uganda’s Mt. Elgon by working with small coffee-growing cooperatives in Uganda. The coffee is organically grown and fairly traded though uncertified.
WHERE: Nicaragua and Uganda


WHAT: A nonprofit that delivers clean water to those in need via long- and short-term solutions.
HOW: WATERisLIFE created a water filtration gadget called The Straw which offers clean drinking water when put into a water source. The innovative device lasts up to 12 months and eliminates waterborne diseases with every sip. In the long term, the nonprofit educates about sanitation and hygiene education, and researches and uses sustainable long-lasting clean water solutions that are crafted to every community, and watched to guarantee the longevity of clean water sources.
WHERE: Africa, Haiti, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and South America