Walking for AIDS

Over 30,000 people in the US are infected with AIDS every year and the majority of them are Black women. Black women account for over 75% of new HIV cases.

With these devastating statistics, what is the answer? Some businesses are stepping up with charity contributions backing the cause and assisting in various ways.

Roche Children’s Walk

Roche, a pharmaceutical business that created Invirase and Viracept (HIV protease inhibitors) hasn’t put in for any medical patents in Africa and under developed nations. What this connotates is that these countries (devastated by HIV/AIDS) can fabricate and sell inexpensive, generic versions of the drugs without watching people die by the thousands.

Roche is committed to bringing awareness of AIDS to those around the world. The entire company is working sincerely to address the issue through its Global Employee AIDS Walk in conjunction with World AIDS Day.

The employees at Roche have been participating in the company’s AIDS walk for over two years. Throughout the years, over 15,000 employees from over 40 countries walked to raise money for AIDS. The company matched all the pledges that were obtained by employees.

A part of the funds is given to local AIDS charities, such as the NJ AIDS Partnership. The majority of the money goes to children in Africa that are orphans due to the AIDS crisis. The funds are used to purchase clean water, shelter, food, books, sewing machines, clothing, and bedding. And as you might have considered, the funds are also used to manufacture AIDS/HIV medicine.

If you don’t know or you are unsure of how HIV is spread, here’s the facts. HIV is spread by having sex with an individual who is already invested with the virus. Additionally, HIV can be contracted by sharing needles with someone who has the HIV virus. A person can also contract AIDS via tainted blood and a baby can get HIV if his/her mother has the virus.